Moving Tips

Some Helpful Advice from Professionals

Moving can be a very tiring and overwhelming time and it can often seem like there are a million things that need to be done at once. In order to keep yourself sane and worry-free throughout the entire process, it’s important that you always stay one step ahead of where you need to be by making a list and being organized. Here are a few ways to organize the packing so you can make your move a more pleasant and enjoyable experience.


1-2 Weeks Before Moving Day

Pack the unimportant goods first.
Reserve your elevator for the moving day if necessary.

Last Week Before Moving Day

Leave hand tools and cleaning supplies for last. You will need them for cleaning the place before you leave.
Remove propane tank and charcoal from barbeque.
Drain fuel from all motorized tools. Leave the fuel cap off till moving day
Remove curtains and blinds.

Day Before Moving Day

Pack necessary clothing and toiletry in a travelling bag.
Pack all frozen food in boxes beforehand, then place the boxes back inside your freezer. Leave freezers plugged in as long as possible.
Freezers will retain frozen food for 24-48 hours, depending on the season.
Pack all your dishes. It's a good idea to eat out the night before the move.
Disconnect all electrical items (computers, cable boxes, stereos) Labeling the wires with masking tape.
Remove legs from tables and sofas and shelves from cabinets.
Secure drawers and cabinet doors.
Keep all screws, bolts, fasteners and other small parts separately (a zip-lock bag usually works, this way reassembling won't be stressful).
Most of your packing should be done by now.